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Corporate Mission:
Metalico intends to be the recognized leader for performance and innovation in the metals recycling and fabrication industry. In addition, the Company strives to be viewed as the best in the eyes of our business constituents, employees, shareholders, and the community at large.

Company Goals:
Metalico aims to become the preeminent, vertically integrated, regionally focused metals recycler. We work in partnership with our suppliers and consumers to be the recognized leader in all the markets where we operate.

Company Profile:
Metalico is a leading full-service, broadly diversified scrap metal recycler, principally operating in the Northeastern United States. Our scrap operations source, buy, process, and sell four distinct groups of commodity metals for use in the manufacture of new products:

      metalicoWe recycle scrap steel and iron, which is sold primarily to domestic mills and foundries.
      metalicoWe recycle non-ferrous metals, principally aluminum, copper, lead, and nickel-based steel and high temperature alloys. These products are sold to domestic manufacturers and, to a lesser extent, to the export markets.
      metalicoWe buy catalytic converters and recover platinum, palladium, and rhodium, known as Platinum Group Metals (PGM's). These precious metals are typically refined and reused by industry in emissions control devices.
      metalicoMetalico also recycles minor metals including molybdenum, tungsten, and tantalum, which are used in specialty steels, electronics, and high-technology-based products.

Metalico also is a leading fabricator of non-battery lead-based products, manufactured principally for commercial, industrial, and radiation shielding applications nationwide. Its facility in Syracuse, New York, converts aluminum scrap into deoxidizing cones, an additive used in the steel-making industry.

Metalico today employs 800 people in 30 operating locations across 10 states. Headquartered in Cranford, New Jersey, Metalico trades under the stock symbol MEA on the NYSE Amex.

Contact Information

Metalico Cleveland LLC

3018 E. 55th St.
Cleveland, OH 44127

Phone: 216-271-5825
Email: joimmo2@aol.com